The Logo

The Symbolism of the pg电子app下载 Logo 

The college's logo contains many symbolic images. Here is a short description of some of those images.

  • The bison symbolizes the white buffalo, which many Native American tribes revere as sacred. Only rarely, in the course of many generations, is a true white buffalo (not an albino) born.
  • The triangles in the background represent the "Four Hills of Life"...the first hill represents infancy (innocence), the second hill represents youth (growth), the third hill represents adulthood (maturity), and the fourth hill represents old age (wisdom). A person climbs each hill of life; when one reaches the fourth hill of life, one looks back to see the other generations that follow.
  • The river symbolizes the Missouri River at whose banks rest the Santee Sioux and Omaha Reservations.
  • The eagle feathers, sacred symbols of Native American tribes, represent the four directions.
  • The circle is among the most significant of the Native American symbols. It represents the sun, the moon, the Hogan, the tepee, the clan circle, the shield, the drum, and the fire pit. The circle symbolizes the cyclical aspect of nature, the seasons, and life itself.